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Summer - 2019

A trip to Montana to fish the Madison River with my friend Lance Mitchell and a group of guys from Charlotte, NC inspired an idea.


During that trip, I found myself frustrated with my line prep material. Once again, it had melted. Only this time it leaked and filled my split-shot dispensers. Of course, my fishing buddies had a good laugh, but I vowed to find a solution to this problem - once and for all.

My goal was to develop a line cleaning and prep product small and light enough to carry in a pocket. It had to be reusable. And most importantly, it could never leak and make a mess. After months of research, I finally combined the right chemistry with the perfect materials. I had my "ah-ha" moment. 


The results are quite amazing and the product fills a void in the marketplace.


To have a last laugh with my friends, I designed a humorous packaging concept that showcased my end product. I delivered these unannounced to my buddies and waited for the call. It didn't take long for laughter to be delivered in return. In true form, Lance Mitchell took the package and went fishing. The phone rang and he muttered the prophetic words, "Dude, you need to sell these."

Fall - 2019


I hand-delivered a dozen packages to my friend Bill Bartee at Jesse Brown's Outdoors to test market them. (You can now buy them at his store in Charlotte, NC.)


Just before Thanksgiving, I ventured to TN to fish the South Holston River.  On my way, I popped in at Hunter Banks Fly Shop in Ashville, NC and introduced the product. They bought a dozen on the spot and proceeded to buy another 4 dozen before Christmas. Thanks guys!

Spring - 2020


This story continued to repeat itself. So, in 2020 I formed Fish Feathers LLC.  We're now carried by retailers all over the country and have our sights set on adding more inside and outside the USA.

Interested in carrying this product line in your business?

Please contact us for commercial sales details

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